Our Families

Parents tell us that our approach to education and our support to families is making a difference in the lives of their children and families.  Here is what some of our families are saying:

Parent & Student


My son isn’t different. He learns differently—and Birchtree’s autism experts understand that. When my son started at Birchtree seven years ago, he would scream 400-500 times per day and had 300-400 other daily behaviors that interfered with his learning.Today, my son’s interfering behaviors are at near-zero levels. I see my son doing math, science projects, group learning, and trips in the community with his classmates. I see success.

-Parent of a 17-year-old student at The Birchtree Center


Birchtree student



Our daughter has thrived with the tremendous support and dedication of Birchtree’s highly qualified professionals.  She is more “available” for learning, and both her physical and emotional health have been positively impacted.  Our daughter is truly part of a school community that embraces her while providing comprehensive, meaningful learning.

-Parent of a sixteen-year-old student at The Birchtree Center 

When our son was diagnosed with ASD, I felt totally overwhelmed . . .  It was a huge relief to have Birchtree’s autism experts help us design and establish a high-quality educational and therapeutic program for him in our own home.  Now we have a team of people who care about our son and our family, all helping our son to learn and flourish.

-Parent of a three-year-old student in The Birchtree Center’s Outreach Program



student and instructor



We really are impressed by every person that we have met at The Birchtree Center. They are patient, sincere, experienced and caring . . .

-Parent of a six-year-old student at The Birchtree Center



When our son first started at The Birchtree Center, he had many challenges including aggressive behavior, very little communication, and an inability to stay focused and on task.   Since then, we have seen our little boy grow into a young man.  Thanks in great part to the warm and caring staff at Birchtree, our son no longer engages in aggressive behavior and is a pleasure to take out in the community.  Our family used to go in two different directions, but now we truly are a family and are able do almost everything together as a family.

     -Parent of a fourteen-year-old student at The Birchtree Center



My biggest joy so far has to be the morning I was getting my son ready for school and I heard the three most amazing words any mother ever hears!   I was tying his shoes and said “I love you,” and he turned to me and said “I wuv you.”  . . . I have waited five years to hear those words from him!  . . .I owe that moment to The Birchtree Center and its incredible staff.  The compassion and dedicated hard work that each member of my son’s team exudes every day is what has opened the windows to finding our son’s strengths. . . . At the beginning of our journey with our son, we felt so helpless.  Being part of The Birchtree Center has given us hope for a better future for and with my son.

-Parent of a five-year-old student at The Birchtree Center

Our son was a beautiful, happy boy, full of golden curls, laughter and language. Slowly, between ages 1 ½ to 2 years he lost all of his interest in social interaction, speech and play skills and began to be consumed by tantrums and repetitive behaviors. . . . Our son regressed and was diagnosed with autism. . . . Today we know he’s in a school that accommodates his learning style, . . . is motivating for our son, and builds his self esteem in ways we only dreamed were possible.

     -Parent of a seven-year-old student at The Birchtree Center

Parent & Child


Now that our son is getting the support he needs from The Birchtree Center, our whole family is thriving! Now we all can participate more fully in the life of our town…

-Parent of a four-year-old student at The Birchtree Center


Thank you, thank you! You have given my son and family a life!
-Parent of a twelve-year-old student at The Birchtree Center

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