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Birchtree StudentDanny made remarkable progress with his communication and self-care skills during his time at The Birchtree Center.  Our five-minute video, Danny’s Story, tells the story of Danny’s family in their own words.  We produced this video thanks to a generous pro-bono donation from Heartwood Media in 2011.To view the video, click here.



student swimmingTen-year old Victoria is challenged by autism and blindness.   When she first came to Birchtree, the world seemed to terrify Victoria.  She spent most of her school day clinging to an adult, lying on a mat in the corner of her classroom, or engaging in panicky tantrums or self-injurious behaviors.  She didn’t have much time or energy for learning.But Victoria’s family and instructors believed she could do far more.  Step by step, they introduced Victoria to new experiences at school, at home, and in the community—and they made learning fun and rewarding.

Victoria discovered she could trust Birchtree’s caring instructors—to keep her safe, respect her choices, and offer predictable routines. She learned to use hand taps to communicate her choices.  She developed the strength and balance to walk independently.  She even learned to tolerate tooth-brushing!

Today, Victoria is much more adventuresome.  She’s learning to navigate with a cane and to communicate through tactile symbols.  She’s made friends in her classroom and participates in group activities.  Victoria is ready for a lifetime of active learning.

DJ's Story
DJ is a young man who participated in Birchtree’s Students Achieving Independence for Life (SAIL) program.  Our ten-minute video, DJ’s Story is OUR Story: the first ten years, tells the story of DJ and his family in their own words.   We produced this video thanks to a generous pro-bono donation from Anchor Line Web & Screen Works in 2013.  To view the video, click here.

To read some stories from our families in their own words, click here.

To see photos of students and instructors in action, click here.

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