Birchtree Center offers nine admission-free autism programs for families and educators in 2017-18

Autism Q&A SessionSince 2000, the number of students with autism in New Hampshire has increased six fold, according to the state’s Council on Autism Spectrum Disorders. The Birchtree Center, a nonprofit autism agency based in Newington, is offering a series of admission-free programs this school year to help individuals affected by this trend.

Birchtree’s autism specialists traveled a combined 28,713 miles in 2016 providing consultation, assessments, staff training, and services in public schools and family homes throughout the Seacoast and beyond. Continue reading

Student Cooking Projects

We wish you could be here to enjoy the delicious smells coming from our students’ cooking projects! Birchtree’s students enjoy baking and cooking as part of their work to develop independent-living skills and pre-vocational skills. Some students create meals and snacks to share with classmates, while others create dishes to sell at The Nook, Birchtree’s student-run school store.
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Student Art Projects 2017

In the past school year, Birchtree’s students worked together to create six large murals in our school hallways. The colorful paintings serve as daily reminders of our Kindness Code and the Birchtree Philosophy. The Kindness Code is a guide to behavior for students, and the Birchtree Philosophy was created by the Birchtree staff to describe how we work and the values we share.
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37 volunteers from Timberland and their Licensees came to The Birchtree Center last week for an afternoon of volunteer work. These hard-working volunteers labeled books for the school library, hosted an obstacle course in the school gym, added a fun activity path and music wall to our the outdoor play area, painted the staff lunch room, sanitized school equipment, cleaned vehicles, updated a staff photo display…
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STAR WARS: The Birchtree School Prom, Episode 5

Birchtree’s fifth-annual School Prom on June 2 was a day to remember! The students chose a Star Wars theme and worked with staff to craft decorations and bake refreshments. Students and staff wore festive attire and enjoyed dancing in the school gym, posing for photographs, and trying a variety of Star Wars sensory activities and craft projects. At the end of the afternoon, families gathered to watch their students walk in a Grand Promenade, followed by the coronation of our 2017 Prom King and Queen.  Continue reading

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