10 Things We’re Thankful for at Birchtree in 2020

Painting of birch trees by students of The Birchtree Center

Thanksgiving in 2020 isn’t the same, is it? But we still have a lot to be thankful for at Birchtree this fall…

1. Our incredible students with autism, who show us every day how eager they are to continue their school routines.
2. The amazing families of our students, who have adapted to new schedules and protocols.

3. Our dedicated staff, who allow students with autism to keep on learning at Birchtree, in public schools, and at home–in spite of COVID-19.

4. Our partner school districts, who join with us in transforming the lives of students with autism in New Hampshire, Maine, and Massachusetts.

5. Technology such as video-conferencing, which allows us to provide remote instruction, remote consultation, and Online Autism Q&As as needed.

6. 114 local businesses that donated prizes to our fall online auction–in spite of the challenging economy.

7. 130 individuals who participated in our fall online auction, bringing in over $18,700 in support of our nonprofit’s autism programs.

8. Our kind neighbors in Newington and Portsmouth, who continue to show their support–even now that we can’t do community trips with our students.

9. Frontline workers & government officials of all sorts, who help keep our community healthy and safe.

10. Friends & donors like YOU, who help spread the word, support our students, and sustain our nonprofit during these challenging times.

Painting or birch trees by students of The Birchtree Center