Special Education Case Manager

The Birchtree Center is searching for our next great staff member! The Birchtree Center’s mission is to promote independence, engaging relationships, and productive lives for children and youth with autism at school, at home, and in the community.

Special Education Case Managers help to ensure that The Birchtree Center’s program maintains a standard of excellence within the field of special education, specifically in the context of students’ individualized academic programming.  In addition to providing direct teaching, Special Education Case Managers have a leadership role on classroom teams through their coordination and development of assigned students’ IEPs and by providing input on the teaching of academic skills and choosing curricular materials and resources.


  • Lead instructor in assigned classrooms
  • Writes assigned students’ Individual Education Plans (IEPs), collaborating with other members of the students’ teams for cohesion:
    • Coordinates the development of students’ IEPs
    • Monitors implementation of IEP components by all team members
    • Monitors the effectiveness of students’ IEPs by evaluating their academic development
    • Maintains awareness of the students’ educational reports and evaluations
    • Prepares reports of students’ educational profiles and progress
  • Schedules and facilitates all IEP team meetings, parent conferences, and in house student meetings for assigned students and notifies all anticipated participants in a timely manner
  • Serves as The Birchtree Center school district liaison for assigned students regarding IEP   implementation, assessments, and coordination of related services
  • Facilitates the intake of new students by reviewing incoming records, notifying all team members of new a student’s start date, coordinating initial evaluations, scheduling parent conferences after the first three weeks of enrollment, and scheduling an IEP meeting within the first 45 days of enrollment
  • Administers any standardized and criterion-referenced evaluations that mandate the administrator of the evaluative tools in use holds special education certification
  • Coordinates and implements all required state and alternative assessments for assigned students
  • Identifies and implements curricular materials and resources that are appropriate to the educational programming for The Birchtree Center’s students
  • Plans instruction and leads its implementation, providing the instructional team input to assigned students’ individualized instructional programs about appropriate academic curriculum to which the child should have access (i.e., which skills, within the context of autism, need to be addressed by individual students in keeping with age-appropriate sequences)
  • Assures that assigned students’ goals and objectives are linked to the New Hampshire Curriculum Frameworks
  • Works directly with assigned students to deliver specially designed instruction and monitor progress with academic programming
  • Supervises implementation of assigned students’ IEPs in the classroom by consulting with clinical instructors, modeling one-to-one instruction, and facilitating small group instructional sessions
  • Develops, prepares, and modifies academic lesson plans, data collection systems, and teaching materials as appropriate
  • Analyzes data for academic programming
  • Develops theme-based units
  • Attends and actively participates in all staff, management, clinical management, and classroom coordinator meetings and other meetings or workshops as required
  • Accompanies and sometimes drives student(s) on trips in the community
  • Interviews direct instruction candidates and collaborates on the hiring of staff
  • Provides support, supervision, training, and evaluation of direct instruction staff
  • Provides coaching, positive, and corrective feedback to direct instruction staff, including input about expectations of staff working with students
  • Manages specific classroom or school-wide projects 
  • Conducts daily bus duty responsibilities as assigned
  • Contributes to the Birchtree community by actively participating in and contributing to working committees (at least one at any given time) and by performing work assignments that support Birchtree as a whole, including after-hours events
  • Voluntarily responds to staff calls for non-specific specialist assistance across the school day
  • Adheres to, supports, and models all Birchtree policies and procedures for staff with professionalism
  • Consistently models the Birchtree Philosophy for colleagues and direct instruction staff


Candidates must have Special Education certification or an Educational Intern License or Statement of Eligibility issued by the New Hampshire Department of Education. They must also have the ability to work effectively on a team; experience in teaching individuals with autism; basic computer literacy; excellent communication skills (written and spoken); and comprehensive fluency with varied and appropriate reading and/or math curricular resources.

To perform essential functions of the job, one must be physically capable of standing, stretching, bending, walking, running, and lifting/transporting a minimum of 60 lbs. Must be capable of moving and thinking quickly under stressful situations and able to function in a fast-paced environment.

Interested Candidates

Please submit a letter of interest and current resume to Sarah Ouellette, Human Resources Director at sarahouellette@birchtreecenter.org.