• Recent Students Achieving Independence for Life (SAIL) Activities

    Recent Students Achieving Independence for Life (SAIL) Activities

    If you ever visit Birchtree’s day school, you may see some empty desks! That’s because so many Birchtree students step away from their school desks for hands-on lessons in our school building and in our local neighborhood. 

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  • Giving Tuesday 2022

    Giving Tuesday 2022

    Thank you to everyone who made a gift to Birchtree this Giving Tuesday! We appreciate your helping local students with autism in this way. If you haven’t made your contribution yet, it’s not too late to donate at birchtreecenter.org/give.

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  • Practice Thanksgiving 2022

    Practice Thanksgiving 2022

    On the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, and pumpkin pie were all part of the day’s lessons at The Birchtree Center’s day school. Why? Because many students with autism need extra preparation for the holiday.

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