Recent Students Achieving Independence for Life (SAIL) Activities

If you ever visit Birchtree’s day school, you may see some empty desks! That’s because so many Birchtree students step away from their school desks for hands-on lessons in our school building and in our local neighborhood. 

Starting at age 14, every Birchtree student participates in “Students Achieving Independence for Life (SAIL)” activities to help them prepare for adulthood. 

Students receive individualized instruction in four essential areas: vocational skills, independent living, lifelong learning, and community participation. Here are just a few examples of SAIL activities that students enjoy at Birchtree and in our community…

We’re so grateful to the local businesses and organizations in our neighborhood who welcome our students for hands-on learning in the real world.

And thank you also to everyone whose donations are helping pay for vehicles, fueling, and maintenance–so students can enjoy year-round learning in our community.

When you donate to Birchtree’s Student Support Fund this spring, you help make even more hands-on learning possible in 2023!